93% min.
Up to 6 Bar (g)
55 Nm³/h
0,9 KW/Nm³
PSA Unit
w:160 l:190 h:265 cm
1.950 Kg


The TYROX PSA55 PSA Oxygen Generator consists of high-quality mechanical and electronic components. After production, durability and efficiency tests are applied to the unit and it is shipped ready for use. It is recommended to use an air compressor with a minimum capacity of 55 kWh with the TYROX PSA55 PSA Oxygen Generator. The TYROX PSA55 PSA Oxygen Generator system is controlled by the original TYRONE SOFTWARE with full automation, safety, and warning features. The production process can be monitored and directed instantly on the Siemens color touch screen on the PSA Oxygen Generator. If the PSA Oxygen Generator has internet access at the point of use and upon request, the online remote monitoring and routing feature is offered as an option with the module to be added. The TYROX PSA55 PSA Oxygen Generator has the performance to meet the medical oxygen needs of a fully-loaded 100 beds health institution with a minimum 93% purity and 6 Bar pressure for 24 hours without interruption.